who we are

established in 1990, atlanta international work with technology, software and services companies and focus on two key business areas:

- mergers and acquisitions
- board level advice on corporate strategy

each of the executives that make up the team at atlanta has over twenty years relevant industry experience, are specialists in their industry sector and have run software and services businesses themselves.

over the years the team at atlanta has built global personal relationships with senior executives in major software and services companies - they understand their business drivers and ultimate goals and will take the time to understand yours.

why atlanta

atlanta international is not just "another" mergers and acquisitions company.

we understand that, for many companies, this is a new experience and they will be relying on us to guide them through the process. through their network of personal contacts and very real understanding of your marketplace, atlanta will identify appropriate strategic business partners for your company but, at the same time, understand that “fit” and the right relationship is of paramount importance to the ultimate success of the venture.

with headquarters in the uk, atlanta also have offices in ireland, usa, india and australia.

" signing a contract with atlanta is the beginning of a close and often long term partnership with a team that is committed to achieving identified goals and delivering results."