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q. if i retain atlanta international as my m&a adviser, who in atlanta will actually manage the transaction? will i be passed off to a junior?

unlike most professional services firms we do not employ juniors. your transaction will be managed by a partner of atlanta who will be a seasoned technology person with a lot of industry experience.

q. if i retain atlanta international to help me sell my technology company will i know who atlanta approach as i am concerned about confidentiality?

a. absolutely. we have a very controlled process whereby we report weekly to the client and we advise them in advance which companies we propose to approach. in addition our first approach is always on a no-names basis and a clients name is never released until the client gives his consent and the potential acquirer has signed a suitable nda.

q. is it true that m&a advisers, when selling a company, simply send out a companies details to all the acquirers in their database and hope that some of them will show interest.

a. it is true that some advisers act in this fashion but we in atlanta certainly do not. we spend a number of weeks understanding a client company before offering it for sale. we always need to fully understand the strategic drivers of a client. this allows us to be very focused and targeted in terms of the acquirers we will approach. we will then only approach companies for whom we can see have a strategic benefit in acquiring our client.

q. if i retain atlanta will they hand hold me all the way through the sale process up to the actual closing?

yes. unlike some other advisers we will advise our clients on every step of the process including due diligence and legal negotiations to ensure the best and speediest possible outcome for our clients.

q. are atlanta really an international m&a business?

a. yes we are. we have representative offices in different parts of the world. in particular we have a very active indian office.

q. my business is an interesting technology business but not very large. are we too small for atlanta?

a. even if your business is quite small we would like to hear from you. we are a flexible organization who can adapt our procedures to suit the circumstances of our clients.

q. has atlanta been in business for long?

a. we have been in business for over 22 years. in that time we have completed in excess of 100 transactions either acting for a vendor or an acquirer of technology companies.